Sexy, hip and delicious - meet your new brunch brew. “I’m not a brewmaster,” says Lorenzo Borghese, “but I am a beer consumer and I know what tastes good.” That honesty and passion brought the businessman and former Bachelor star (Season 9, no proposal) to Miami Beach, with the goal of creating a fun celebratory cocktail made for fun celebratory times. “I’ve always liked the fact that beer brings people together, whether they are toasting the end of a workday or on vacation with family and friends,” he says. But while there are plenty of tasty happy hour drafts and light crushable brews, Borghese noticed that there was nothing made specifically for what many consider the highlight of the week: brunch. “I’d be at these brunch parties, and there were bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys, but no beers that you’d want to have more than one or two of on the menu.” And that is how he landed on his very unique entry into the craft beer category: the brunch beer. With the newly launched South Beach Brewing Company, Borghese is offering up crisp and fruity blends that will take you from noon to sunset and have a laidback yet chic feel. (Brunch is, lets be honest, the bougiest of meals.) After a year and a half of trials, he landed on three flavors— Strawberry Orange Mimosa, South Peach Shandy and Sunset Blood Orange IPA. All incorporate local Florida citrus and are infused with electrolytes (similar to the one that naturally exists in coconut water) to counteract the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. Look for Borghese at the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel, his favorite local brunch spot and the unofficial headquarters of South Beach Brewing Company. He’s the one with the Champagne glass filled with frothy amber fluid and a wedge of pineapple on the rim. “We wanted to find a unique way to serve brunch beer,” he explains. “And pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality; it means friendship and family.” It also happens to taste crazy-delicious when soaked in your brew.

The Bachelor, Season 9, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, launches South Beach Brewing Company.